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Towards knowledge-based product development: the 3-D CAD model of knowledge creation

Research policy / v.26 no.6. 1998, pp.643-659

Author : Baba, Yasunori ; Nobeoka, Kentaro

Abstract : Abstract This paper argues that new 3-D CAD systems can play a central role in the creation of knowledge-based product development systems. Based on a model of product development and knowledge creation which incorporates 3-D CAD technology, the paper argues that information technologies can contribute not only to efficiency improvements but also to improved hypothesis creation capabilities in engineers and organizations through technical features such as full visualization, digital pre-assembly and simulation. This paper also discusses the factors that hinder the effective introduction of 3-D CAD technology as well as the potential management and organizational requirements for successful adaptation. Firms need to have both long-term and system-level perspectives and they need engineers who have a broader set of integrated skills that were previously scattered over multiple functions.

Keyword : Knowledge . CAD . Product development . Concurrent engineering . Japanese firms

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