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Determinants of university participation in EU-funded R&D cooperative projects

Research policy / v.26 no.6. 1998, pp.677-687

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Abstract : Abstract This paper examines the factors that influence university participation in R#x0026;D cooperative projects supported by the EU, using an original data set of the total population of universities in the EU countries in 1992. An econometric model is developed to test for the relevance of university size, scientific research productivity, and other fixed factors on two dependent variables. The first is the probability of joining an EU-funded R#x0026;D cooperative project; the second is the number of times a university participated in these cooperative projects. The results indicate that the probability of taking part in an EU-funded R#x0026;D project depends primarily on the scientific research productivity of the university. The factors that explain the number of times a university participated in a project include scientific research productivity, size, and differences among countries and scientific fields.

Keyword : University research . EU funding . R#x0026;D cooperation

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Vandewal, D. ; Vanden Boer, G. ; Sermeus, W.,